Why our 5 products?


1. Each answers specific questions... and provides a complementary perspective into the 3 critical questions

2. Each maps to different stakeholders in you business... all of whom are critical both to align insight and drive implementation.


From India 2,500 years ago comes a profound lesson — directly relevant to business execution — and the products we offer. Different blind men holding onto different parts of an elephant.

The lessons> All focused on what they hold onto (like executives and their organizational perspective). But all missed the "essence" of an elephant (like so many executives who, logically enough, struggle see / experience the urgency and critically of the new 20% given a new competitive environment.)

Our 5 tools reflect different parts of the elephant. Together they reflect different parts, relevant to different executives, all in service of aligning around where to focus and how to execute around the new 20% - to drive new economic value.