Technology & Impact on...
and Workforce of the Future

Simulation & visual modelling on the impact of Technology and Different Products on...
... to sharpen focus on where to invest / execute more effectively

Value Realized

Anticipation of specific impacts of different types of technologies (or new policies or global risks) on our:

  • Industries / businesses & the critical assets underlying value creation / destruction
  • Workforce of the future~... to allow us sharper focus on where to invest / execute
Question Answered

Which (different types of technologies / products) will impact us:
Where, how & how much?~

What are the implications on our:

  • Industry (our existing 20% of assets)
  • Business units (and underlying capabilities)
  • Workforce of the future
  • Value Chain (by $, jobs created / lost)
  • R&D / Capital Allocation Spend

What are the capital allocation implications of these choices?

How do these compare:

  • Across BUs
  • Across peer-group / competitors
  • Across x-industry?
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