Capabilities Models and What Lights Up

Visual modeling of underlying business capabilities to allow 'what-ifs' to support strategic decision making and assess external 'impacts on...'

Value Realized

Baseline depiction of industry / business capabilities — critical as visual baseline to support simulation & predictive insights into Technology Impact on... Workforce of the Future... What to leverage across your ecosystem partners...

~... to allow us sharper focus on implications of shifting investments, changing regulations, new tariffs, etc.

Question Answered

1. What are the capabilities that make up our business?

2. What is our capabilities profile — e.g., :

  • Focus : Distribution of focus — e.g., Revenue, Compliance, Customer Engagement, Market Insight, Support
  • Competitive Profile: Behind, parity, ahead
  • Actions: outsource, invest, leave alone
  • Comparisons across Business Units / peer companies / others

4. How do we use this interactive model to explore implications of:

  • Capital allocation
  • Technology (product) impact on...
  • Sourcing (maintain / eliminate / invest / divest)
  • Impact of R&D — e.g., is it pointed to what moves the needle?
  • Workforce of the future
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