Business Process / Value Chain

Visual & analytic insight into where and how economic value is being increased / decreased within across:

  • Business processes and/or
  • Value chains
Value Realized

1. Traceability from possible actions to organizational and financial impact

2. Increase confidence in making the right investment and execution decision because of that traceability.

Question Answered

1. Where is value being created / destroyed within a business processor and/or value chain?~

2. What is impacting the competitive relevance of the chains / processes? Where, how and how much?~

3. How do different:

  • Products we are considering investing in
  • Cloud investments we are exploring on making
  • Technology investments...
  • Start-ups...
  • Regulations... impact those changes in value?~

4. What are the likely impacts of these changes going to be on our workforce & skillsets needed to support the decisions we make?

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