Asset Decay Rate

Insight & predictive modelling into the decay rate of existing and impact rate of new assets critical to drive economic & social impact — including identifying the new 20% critical to capture 70% of new economic value.

Value Realized

Insight into both the financial and economic assets that drive value — and their decay rate (both internal & external activities / investments / start-ups/ technologies / changing regulations / etc.) — including the specific "capabilites bundles" that comprise those assets which...

... Sharpens investment & strategic focus on "what moves which assets" towards greater impact (e.g,. what to keep, where to invest, where to divest, how to optimize your partner ecosystem to do so)

Question Answered

What are the 3-5 key assets that drive 70% of your value today / tomorrow (both visible & invisible assets)?

What is their decay rate — and what do you do about it?

How do accelerate the new assets — to accelerate impact — and how do you do so?

What capabilities are missing / are destroying value / will be critical to catalyze new value?~

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